Mum-of-three is unrecognisable after changing diet to lose three-and-half stone


A mum-of-three with a sweet tooth is unrecognisable after cutting out sweets and chocolate to lose over three-and-half stone and her twin tummy.

Louise Clarke, from Nottingham, vowed to lose her “mum tum” after she gave birth to her twin daughters, Violet and Thea, last May,

And after cutting out the sugary foods that were doing the damage, Louise has shed over 3st 7lbs in eight months.

Louise, 39, said: “I have a real sweet tooth and would eat lots of sweets, chocolate and ice cream in the evenings after getting the kids off to sleep.

“Having twins is next level exhaustion and by the time it got to my dinner time I didn’t have the energy to cook anything.

“So we would order takeaway food most days. We ate lots of Thai food, fish and chips, large steak sandwiches and curries.

“We could even get doughnuts and ice cream delivered to our door within 10 minutes.

“I got to my heaviest of 13st 7lbs and I am only 5ft 4inches. My BMI told me that I was obese. I felt awful. I was always so uncomfortable and thinking of ways to hide and disguise my body.

“I hated getting any pictures and immediately wanted to delete them even if my kids were in them because I hated how I looked so much, which also made me feel guilty.

“But I wasn’t prepared to accept that this was going to be my normal.

“I was almost 40 and had three kids that I need to run around after. I knew that I was finished having babies so I needed to sort myself out and I wanted the weight gone forever.”

Louise started losing weight in October last year by counting calories and as it began to take effect, it motivated her to continue.

She now feels better than she has for years and is more self confident.

The support that she received from the online Instagram community and the motivation she got from posting her recipes she said have helped her

She continued: “I feel like I’ve got myself back. I feel great. I know that I can wear anything and look amazing.

“I feel strong and so proud of myself for doing this. I can overcome more obstacles than I ever thought I could.

“My exercise time is non-negotiable in our house. The kids know not to disturb me because it’s my time and it helps me.

“Now that I have reached my goal weight, I have really lost my boobs and I have saggy skin on my belly. But I don’t hate it, I earned my stretchy skin on my tummy by carrying three babies.

“The twins really pushed my body to its limits. They were 6lbs and 7lbs when they were born. I am not ashamed of my body anymore and I don’t have to worry about hiding it.

“To complete my transformation I am hoping to have a tummy tuck and a boob job but I am not in a rush because I feel amazing as I am.

“I am not ashamed to get into pictures now with my family and I actively seek out sleeveless clothes which I never would have dreamed of doing. I’ve never felt so good.”

These are Louise’s before and after diets:

Before diet

Breakfast: Large bowl of cereal or porridge, large portion of fruit and coffee with sugar and cream
Lunch: Sandwich or pasta salad, fruit, smoothie and a cookie or chocolate bar
Dinner: Takeout – Burgers and fries with a large bag of chocolate or a tub of ice cream for dessert
Snacks: Lots of fruit throughout the day plus crisps and chocolates if hungry and coffee with sugar and cream

After diet

Breakfast: Toasted protein bread with either eggs or peanut butter and homemade jam with a coffee with coconut milk (no sugar).
Lunch: Tuna mayo salad and a high protein yoghurt or fruit
Dinner: Taco bowl with chicken mince, pico de gallo, rice and avocado and sugar-free jelly with fruit for dessert
Snacks: Smaller portions of fruit, protein bar and babble with small portion of cashew nuts